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  • 3 Adwords Mistakes Your Wallet Begs You To Avoid

    Posted on September 27th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments
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    Even though changes have occurred with Google AdWords, it is still a formidable tool in your marketing arsenal if you understand it and know how to use it the right way. You’ll find the entire range of experiences with Adwords, but the most dangerous phase is when you’re new and inexperienced. You’ll feel much more confident when you actually produce your first profitable Adwords campaign. However, if you haven’t ever tried your hand at AdWords and are new to it, things can look confusing, which might lead to some costly mistakes that affect your overall marketing budget. Next we’ll go over 3 commonly seen mistakes when using Adwords, learn about them and keep learning to have success.

    One thing to keep in mind about Adwords and mistakes – some of them seem to become magnified and it’ll only be downhill from there. This usually occurs when you’re trying to juggle too many things at a time without doing proper home work. But it doesn’t always have to end up with such mistakes. As maybe you can guess, there are very many marketers who are making excellent returns with Adwords. Profitable campaigns have longevity, they’re around for months and months – so study them the best you can. Study how they do it by learning from their ad copy, landing page design and copy, and anything else. Analyze and research your competition and see what different they’re doing than you. It can take some time because sometimes it’s hard to know who is succeeding and who isn’t. Ads that don’t run very long are obviously unsuccessful campaigns. You can follow the same approach seen in successful ads, but you should avoid just copying someone elses ads. If you have the right strategy, you can realize almost an instant change in your campaign’s performance.

    Displaying your ads through the content network of Google is another common mistake. Through a Program called AdSense, this network of partnering websites, shows their Google ads. These un-targeted sites could prove very distracting for people viewing your ad. In the end you may even achieve a high click through rate, but you will probably find that your conversion rate is low. So not turning the content network off will lead to large amount of money spend on ads, with a poor return on investment, which is the last thing you want. Tracking your ads can also be difficult, which means it is harder for you. So always remember to turn the content network off before you start a campaign. The ads that appear in the Google search and its partners should be your only focus.

    Another common mistake is using to many keywords in one ad group. It is no ones fault but your own if you are not testing the success rate of each keyword. Only the best keywords will get the clicks and the less popular won’t get many. There will then be confusion, since you are unable to determine which keywords are receiving the clicks. The under-performing wrods can then be easily eliminated, if you keep your words per ad group to a minimum.

    Making these mistakes can make your AdWords campaign unsuccessful, so be sure to avoid them.

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  • Tips for Internet Marketers

    Posted on September 14th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Internet marketing can be any kind of web based business that involves marketing something online. In this article we will be talking about a few common Internet marketing tips that will help you on the long run.

    When you become an internet marketer you have to decide whether you want to create and sell products of your own or sell affiliate products that you earn commissions on. There’s one important point to remember if you’re going to create your own products. One reason customers buy products is because they hope that it will help them in some way or solve a problem for them. Many customers, however, are actually looking for the next trendy product that will make them feel special, sexy or powerful. If you can find a way to package and market your product in a unique way, people will prefer it to other products whose features may not be any different from yours. How your product appears to the public is something you have to think about quite a bit. The fact is, the packaging and presentation of your product is often what makes someone decide to buy or not buy it. You may have come up with a brilliant product that can solve problems for many people. However, if you fail to package it in an appealing way, you aren’t going to sell many of them. Do you understand what is meant by packaging? It involves capturing the visual sense of your audience. When people look at a computer screen, it’s hard for them to appreciate a product they’re considering, so you have to present it so that it appears to be lifelike and three-dimensional. This process has to start with your website or sales letter, which should have attractive header graphics, a tempting order button and your product presented in a professional looking e-cover graphic. It’s worth the effort to present your product as attractively as you can, as this is what customers will respond to. This is often the tipping point that makes people decide to buy something. It’s important to attend to every detail about your product’s packaging. Traffic is vital to internet marketing so make sure your efforts in this area are not wasted. You should focus on increasing your conversion ratio and taking boosting your sales. One of the reasons why your visitors don’t convert to customers is because of an ineffective sales copy. Remember, people buy for emotional reasons when shopping online, so tell them what is in it for them. Therefore your sales copy plays a major role in increasing your sales and giving you a great head start. Because your sales copy is so important, don’t hesitate to hire a professional to do the work for you. Ultimately, your success depends on the quality of your sales copy so this one area you don’t want to skimp on.

    The most successful approach is to work with several marketing tactics and not rely on a single method. You should always be ready to try another way of marketing your business if it comes along.

    Internet marketing changes rapidly, and it can pay off if you are creative and innovative. Remember that online marketing is very competitive, and when you are on the leading edge you have an advantage. So go ahead and re-write the rules. All in all, Internet marketing happens to be one of the easiest ways to make money online, only if you know what you’re doing.

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  • How to Use Forum Marketing to Drive Traffic

    Posted on July 25th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    There are many different ways to promote a product on the Internet and get targeted traffic coming your way. Some of these techniques are free while others will cost you. However, as a beginner, the best option is to limit yourself to promotional methods that are free. One such approach that is quite popular is forum marketing, which has been in use for quite some time. We will look at three effective forum marketing strategies below that can be implemented to generate excellent results.

    It is critical that you address that right target audience with your forum marketing. You will find thousands upon thousands of forums online in every niche imaginable. Your results will be less than pleasing if you signed up to a random forum to promote your products and services but forgot to check what niche it is in. There isn’t much point in marketing to any audience that could care less about what your products are. This is why it is imperative to choose relevant forums in your niche that are used by the type of audience you need. The problem is that many forum marketers who are just starting out believe that all they need to get great conversions is a large, popular forum. However, they overlook the fact that targeting the wrong market is a waste of time because they won’t see any results at all. You should view forum marketing like any other form of marketing where you give emphasis to the market you’re targeting. If you are having trouble finding forums relevant to your field, you will have to focus on the ones that have a higher level of popularity but this doesn’t mean you should overlook this rule either.

    The second important tip for forum marketing is to be honest and open about who you are and what it is you do. Noone wants to interact with a nameless, faceless person so be transparent here. Anonymous is not the way to go, don’t make this mistake. You need to make sure you let other forum members in on who you are and what you do. Upload a good, clear profile picture of you; have your profile completely filled out with a link to your blog/site. Your whole purpose with forum marketing is to make sales and to boost your profits. No one would want to deal with a person that is anonymous. Marketing forums are a safe place on the internet, which has become quite the social forum, to deal with people especially in marketing forums.

    You need to consider how you will present yourself to other forum members among other things before you consider forum marketing. Be sure you are not being hasty in your decision making or anything else for that matter. You will want to let other members know you are here for networking and contact creation as well as taking your time to create an attractive profile.

    Ease of being contacted can make a huge difference. Being hard to reach is a costly mistake. There are those who have not signed-up to the forum and might have a question for you. A general rule of thumb is to put your site’s link in your forum signature. Giving people more channels to reach you allows for a wider range of options that makes it easier for interested parties.

    Lastly, don’t forget that forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to get the targeted traffic you need to boost sales and profits to your site. Making forum marketing work for you takes patience and perseverance.

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  • Important Internet Marketing Tips that Product Results

    Posted on July 23rd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Internet marketing has been around for a long time now and is growing with time. The following are a few techniques that will help you get the most from internet marketing.

    All businesses have others who are going against you, and you’ll find that fact especially with internet marketing. No matter what products you’re offering, and it doesn’t matter the niche, there will constantly be competition. You can either pull yourself away to avoid the competition or choose a more optimistic path and learn from it. Take heed from your competitors and you will succeed before you realize it. If you’re going to become an internet marketer, you have to understand that the internet changes all the time. When you study your competition, it’ll become easier to steer clear of committing blunders and it’ll be easier to understand how to operate the right way. Don’t blindly follow the others or don’t try to cheat them, but rather go deeper into understanding and analyzing things from their perspective. You can never get rid of competition, so the best way to deal with it is accept it and use it for your own benefit. If you can study the competition, you will find success easier. You will find at times that getting ahead of your competition seems impossible, but with internet marketing this will never last. When you actually look into what your competitor’s doing different from you, you’ll clearly know where you’re going wrong. If you can pinpoint the common mistakes that most internet marketers make, you will do the right things and your business will experience longevity. If you want to be prosperous at online marketing, you must find a method to stick out from the crowd. Considering that the internet is enormous, it is hard to be a step ahead of your competition when you are in internet marketing. The only way to diffuse this situation is to product your own selling angle so that you will not be perceived to be just like the others. Not only should your USP be about what you are selling, but also about how you plan to introduce it and advertise it. For instance, if you want to promote a relationship eBook, you might want to find out what makes your eBook more special and unique from the others. Once you find that angle, promote it until the well dries up.

    The success of your Internet marketing venture lies in how much you’re able to give back to your customers. So once you’ve sold something to them, you must keep with them and help them out so that you can continue to do business with them. You want to get as much value from each customer as possible. Anyone that has a computer and internet connection can start an internet marketing campaign, which makes this so easy and popular.

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  • The Top Three Internet Marketing Tricks for Getting Traffic That’s Targeted

    Posted on July 17th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Marketing on the web encompasses so many unique aspects it can get overwhelming. We’ll go into a few such areas and also offer some useful suggestions to help you in your own business.

    Owning your piece of internet property, website or blog, has many advantages and is the very best way to go. If you do that then you’ll have complete control and can basically do almost anything you want. You’ll be able to implement strategies for longer-term business growth with your own website, even though there are people who make good money online using particular models that don’t call for a site. Before you even start off with your site, you should do effective keyword research so that you can select a good domain name for it that has the main keyword. You’ll have a little flexibility with your domain name, and you can use either a product name or the primary keyword phrase – it’s really up to you, though. Whether you’ll be engaging in SEO or PPC, a keyword phrase in your domain name will help you in both marketing models. Hyphens in domain names is really not necessary, anymore, and you should try to keep the name short so it’s easier to remember. So just remember that there are very good and valid reasons for building a site you own.

    Another internet marketing method for success is offering to guarantee every product you sell. You may find that some of your prospects may pause and they won’t actually decide to buy from you. But when they see that you stand by your product and are giving a guarantee, they might feel a sense of relief and actually go ahead and make the purchase. Many individuals won’t stick around even after they’ve perused your site because they’re unsure about the product. People will respond to a guarantee, however, as it tells them you’ll live up to your end of the bargain in case they don’t like the product. But what actually happens with a guarantee is, a very small percentage of people actually ask for a refund. And remember, the longer your guarantee, the lower will be your refund rate.

    Internet marketing is about getting the most value from your customers. This doesn’t just refer to reselling to that same customer, but you should be urging that customer to tell his friends about what he’s purchased. When people buy something they love, they can’t wait to tell others. It satisfies people to discuss things they find something worth boasting about. That’s why you should let your customers know all the benefits so they can let others know, too.

    In closing, how well you do with internet marketing depends on how unique you are and how you help your customers with your products. Your product’s packaging should be one that tantalizes your customers. Market it well enough, put in the effort and you’ll see results.

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  • Tips For Great Forum Marketing Success

    Posted on July 8th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    The Internet has opened up new ways to promote products and services.

    The internet can be used by anyone to promote and sell their products. Choosing the right promotional strategy, though, is critical to achieving this. There are people who find article marketing more efficient while others prefer using SEO techniques. The marketing approach you opt for as well as the amount of work you put into it is completely your choice. In this article, we will analyze how forums can be used to drive traffic and for marketing. You will discover three simple techniques, below, that will help improve your forum marketing.

    One of the most obvious forum marketing tips is to post in threads that are highly popular. Most of these threads will help you get the kind of exposure you want because of the number of views they get. You have to monitor constantly the forums you are a member of in order to take full advantage of this technique. This is because it will give you an opportunity to take part in a thread as soon as you see it getting active. You want your post to be at the beginning and not at the end because these usually get alot of posts in a very short amount of time. You will find it quite easy to identify popular posts based on the activity and views it is getting. With Forum Marketing beginners it’s improtant to remember that quantity reall is important. What this means to you is that you need to become a member of many forums and post frequently which will take some effort. You can have great successes and effective forum marketing this way. These forums are your bread and butter, make your signature more visible and post often for the best exposure. You may find this task rather repetitive and mundane day after day but before long you will find them more interesting as you begin to take part in the discussions and make important contacts.

    Placing links directly in your post and then spamming the forums is an approach you certainly want to avoid. They will certainly ban you from the forum. You should use the are provided in your signature to advertise your site. Even though many novice forum marketers think spamming forums is the correct strategy, they are sorely mistaken as it makes things tougher on them.

    Forum marketing, although not widely used by marketers, is one of the easiest ways to increase your search engine ranking and generate targeted traffic to your site. If you want to make forum marketing work for you you’ll need to be patient and have perseverance.

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  • 3 Local SEO Tips that Give Results

    Posted on June 26th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    What all businesses naturally want to do, usually, is be able to get in front of more of their potential customers. You can get your offline business in front of your local search traffic and be in a position to benefit. If that’s something that appeals to you, then what you need to do is local SEO, or search engine optimization. You must have every edge you can find, and to that end you can learn three uncomplicated local SEO tips so you can get a better edge.

    To enjoy all the benefits of local SEO then you have to take time to do the research and find good keywords you can use to optimize your site with. When you are optimizing your site for a certain location, you must make sure that you are looking beyond the basic keywords. Since you have a higher level of relevancy, your competition will be much lower and you will be much closer to local internet users. Your best bet is to use long tail keyword phrases because when they use them people usually are quite clear on what they are looking for. Usually, people resort to these search phrases meaning that they will be taking a certain type of action which could lead to the result you are looking for.

    By adding a location to these keywords, you make them even more specific. So you can optimize your site properly, you have to use the right tools for keyword research and make sure you are putting in the time to do it.

    If you try to list your business many times to a local directory, you’ll find that they frown on that practice. So what you’ll want to do is crate a new landing page for each of your store locations. It should never be a problem because it’s a legitimate need on your part. Then it’s easy to send people to a “locations” page for your business, and they can easily find the location nearest to them. You shouldn’t make the mistake of sending both of your local listings to the same landing page.

    Last but not the least; make sure you have your complete mailing address mentioned all over your site, on every page. You always want to provide convenience to your website visitors, and that will help if they want to know. There are more things involved with local SEO than this, so be sure to learn about them.

    Local SEO is still at its beginnings and we still have a lot to learn about it but there will certainly be more to come with more and more companies starting up location based services. While it might take you some time to see results from this type of local SEO, you won’t turn to any other solution once you get a good grasp of the dynamics.

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  • Are You Making These Mistakes When You Write Google AdWords Ads?

    Posted on June 3rd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Since the early 2000s, Adwords has been the premium destination for PPC advertisers who want to drive highly qualified and targeted traffic. Ok, fine… well, keep reading to discover how you really can write ad copy that will get the job done in an impressive manner.

    When writing your AdWords ad copy you need to be specific. It’s possible that some people want to save time, due to laziness, and think they can get away with using some kind of template; well, avoid that because it won’t work well. Each campaign has an audience that is differenct, and actually each ad group within the same campaign will need to talk about different specifics. That is the main reason for avoiding ads that are too general and similar to others. Want an example? Ok, a shirt company imports shirts and sells them; shirts of all kinds, colors, purposes, patterns, etc, etc. Well, what you will need to do is create unique ads for each keyword group, and the ads need to be specific. What is the best strategy to accomplish this task? Easy as pie, all you have to do is write an ad for each separate ad group. First, this is what Google wants you to do, and if you don’t then you will receive penalties in the form of a low quality score.

    The display URL is often ignored by some PPC advertisers, but that is a mistake because you can benefit from parts of it. It’s interesting because very many PPC advertisers do not take advantage of that fact. But did you know that it’s true about your display URL affecting click throughs? As long as the destination and main domain match, then you can have a little bit of room to play with. Ok, use your keywords for different destinations and use them as a directory or folder as a backslash.

    Remember that your ad’s formatting is necessary to create the right ad. You do not want to have a low click-through rate (CTR) just because you misspelled a word and people think you’re no good. Never allow this to happen because it’s easy to avoid, and it will only decrease your CTR’s. You can see mistakes with spelling, or punctuation, or capitalization, etc. Never try to be cute in your ad copy because people just don’t respond well to cute. Your headline is critical because it will determine if people want to read further. This is why it’s important to make sure that people searching and coming across your ad get a good first impression when they look at your ad copy. Always make the first letter of each headline word a capital letter, and the reason is that it works better at capturing attention.

    We hope you will take these ad copywriting tips and use them in your PPC campaigns. But all of this only scratches the surface, and there is much more to learn which is what we’ll always encourage you to do.

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  • 3 Info Product Ideas that Work

    Posted on June 1st, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    When you think about creating an information product, what ideas cross your mind? Do you get writer’s block at some point and can’t write anymore? One of the biggest dilemmas faced by Internet marketers today is that they aren’t able to think out of the box and come up with new info product ideas. However, it really is not very hard to come up with an info product if you look in many directions. In the following article we will talk about three special product ideas that you can utilize to get your thinking gear in place.

    One of the most well known ways to make an information product is to put together an ebook. This is correct; do not get an ebook confused with a traditional book. Ebooks have always been favorite forms of informational products because people like to read them and seek solutions for their issues. So which types of ebooks sell on the internet. Your ebook could be on any topic, but if you want to guarantee that it sell, write one that gives an answer to an unsolved issued. People don’t have much time when they’re consuming information online, which is why your ebook needs to be to the point. You should try to give people a good solution for their problem. For example, acne is a huge problem for a lot of people , so if you write an ebook that goes over ways to get rid of acne for good, it will be very profitable. Find the areas of the market that have problems, and then write a powerful ebook that is filled with info that can solve them. Another easy way to create an information product is to get hold of some expert in your niche and interview him/her about the topic you’re targeting. Don’t be frightened by the idea of an interview because it’s not all that hard. As a matter of fact, it’s quite a bit easier than you might believe! You simply have to get in touch with an expert and explain your proposal. When they agree, then you simply get in touch with them via Skype or a phone and record the call and the interview. Subsequently, you can get the interview transcribed which will tack on additional value to your product. Why would anyone agree to be interviewed? Since everyone craves fame and recognition, even if a little bit of it, they will agree. So it’s a win-win situation!

    Last but definitely not least, you can record a round table discussion held with a panel of experts from your niche. If the conversation lasts three hours, that’s three hours of great content that can be sold at a high price point! You barely have to do anything to enjoy the benefits of this strategy. Simply get some experts together and get them talking.

    This article has offered a number of ideas on how one can create effective yet unique products. Product creation doesn’t take much time and the greatest benefit is that you will be earning over and over again from the same product. When you start putting together information products you will discover that you can capitalize on the fact that there seems to be an unlimited demand for knowledge.

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  • Adwords Mistakes that You Can’t Afford to Make

    Posted on May 7th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    You can get great results with Google AdWords, but it can be tricky for beginners. It’s not uncommon for new AdWords advertisers to make mistakes when starting their campaign. Given below are a few simple mistakes that you should to stay away from.

    A simple mistake made by new AdWords advertisers is that they don’t focus on doing proper market research. It’s absolutely essential to be very knowledgeable about your market before your AdWords campaign is planned. When you have a clear idea about your competition, you know what to expect and also what steps to take to make sure you’re not going wrong. It also gives you an understanding of high traffic keywords and how you should be bidding for them and what’s the actual bid price.

    Getting successful with AdWords requires you to imbibe various elements, but knowing what keywords to target is important because it will either make or break your campaign. There are many high quality keyword tools available in the market that can help you with your research. The more carefully you do your market research, the more you’ve paved the way for a smooth and successful Adwords campaign.

    A lot of advertisers complain that AdWords is not their cup of tea because of the losses they are incurring. They end up quitting before they ever learned much about it. What could they do to have gotten better results?

    Many advertisers run into trouble because they don’t track their keywords. The two factors that are most crucial to the success of your campaigns are tracking your keywords and the proper use of landing pages. When you’re not tracking your keywords, you’re losing the opportunity to know what keywords are converting and which ones are making you lose money. But when you do have this knowledge, you can easily weed out the under-performing keywords and stick to the profitable ones. This knowledge can be valuable for other campaigns as well, since you now know about the converting ability of various keywords. You can’t afford to neglect tracking, as this is fundamental to an effective campaign.

    Make sure you don’t attempt to ramp up your campaign too soon. Once new Adwords advertisers see a little profit come in they often make this mistake. Think through the consequences before you attempt to go too big. Usually this is due to determining their decisions on theories instead of watching the markets and using those numbers to help them. Assuming that they are making tons of money they focus their attention on the numbers of visitors and not the quality of visitors. At the end of the day though there are fewer conversions. You are paying for the traffic that is coming in, so you need to ensure that these become leads or sales. It is better than to start small, generate quality traffic and ramp up your campaign once you are seeing better conversions. This is probably the most proven way to boost your profits when advertising with AdWords.

    The above mistakes, then, can get in the way of successful AdWords campaigns, but once you know about them you can start to move in a more productive direction.

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