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  • Gahunje Stadium IPL live match experience and review in Pune

    Posted on April 15th, 2012 Dimakh 16 comments

    We had a great time watching the Pune Warriors India and Chennai SuperKing IPL T20 match live at the brand new stadium – Subrata Sahara Stadium Gahunje in Pune. This was my first match at the grand stadium and it was an amazing experience. If you are planning to go to a live match then read all the points below about what to do before , during and after the match at the stadium.

    Booking the Tickets for IPL cricket Match – online on

    My friend Deepak asked me  to see if we could go for a match at the IPL Pune Warriors new den – The Subrata Stadium. I booked the tickets for the CSK – PWI match, I booked 6 tickets for both the families and the booking was a good experience on bookmyshow website. Most of the seats were booked so we ended up buying tickets of Rs.1500/- each. Fortunately we did not have problems in getting tickets couriered to us and the tickets were delivered 2 days before the match. You can also get tickets offline from Deccan Gymkhana, PYC or INOX in Pune. But booking online is the easiest option and most convenient.

    What to carry inside the Stadium

    We wanted to know if we should carry water, food along with us inside the stadium. Will we have adequate facilities inside. Amita was more worried about carrying special food for our  31/2 years old daughter Nakshee as she had to be looked after for almost 5 hours. I had found out online that we are not allowed to carry any eatables, water, purses inside and YES that turned out to be true. So remember – DO NOT CARRY any eatables, NO WATER bottles, NO PURSES or bags. The security guys will simple throw it in trash !! You need not worry as you would be in for a BIG surprise just as we got a surprise when we reached inside the venue. To be on the safer side we did carry sandwiches, soft drinks and other eatables but kept it in the car and this turned out to be a good decision later. Read on to know more.

    How to reach the Subroto roy sahara stadium pune

    We stay just 10 minutes away from the Expressway. So we started at 6 PM for the 8 PM match – Almost 2 hours before. Just when we crossed the Hinjewadi flyover – the CSK team Bus crossed us. Everyone on the road was waving to them and it was like a festive experience. On the road leading to the express way we had a complete traffic jam as all cars were headed to the stadium. The distance which we normally cross in 10 minutes, this time it took almost 45 mins. So I strongly recommend that if you are travelling from somewhere inside the city, start atleast 3 hours before the match.  On the road you will see enough signs and you wont have any problems reaching the stadium. Look out for separate roads for 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers. You would also be guided by a very friendly POLICE groups on the road. They have done a fantastic job in handling the crowd on the road and at the venue.

    Parking at the Gahunje Stadium

    This was a nightmare and a complete chaos. Though the MCA management has tried to do their best , the parking lot is one horrible area where the ground is not even properly leveled. We had to park at far away parking zone and it was atleast a 20 minutes walk from the actual parking, before we could enter the stadium. Watch out for the big stones on the road while walking back and for the huge potholes while driving in this area. If you reach early then you may be lucky to get a parking somewhere near the stadium entry but be prepared to park somewhere far away and walk for 20 minutes.

    Shopping at the Pune Warriors Sahara Stadium

    I am not talking about any autographed bat or some memorabilia but you will see a HUGE gang of hawkers and sellers who are selling everything from PWI flags, Malinga style colored hair, the IPL noisy trumptes, flashing horns etc. But do not buy too many of those especially the flags with sticks, as the security will throw it in trash.

    Security at the Stadium

    Once you cross the big hurdle of parking chaos and the long walk from the parking to the security gate, the journey after that is very smooth and fast. The security is efficient and fast and you will be guided by the sign-ages to quickly  reach your stand. Look out for the stand name printed on your ticket and follow the directions. You will go through 2 levels of security check and a digital scanner to validate your entry ticket. If you are carrying any banned items like water bottles, sticks, purses, bags etc you will have to throw it away or may be look out for some counter to deposit material and collect it later but my strong recommendation is DO NOT carry anything with you.

    Inside the Stadium

    Once you clear the security and are inside the stand, be ready for a magnificent experience. You would be welcomed with complimentary cold water and chips and snacks for everyone and you can have as much as you want. This is not sufficient for your dinner but a good relief  after the walk and I am sure you would be thirsty. You get clean packed water in small plastic glasses which are use and throw. So do not carry any water bottles as you have sufficient and free drinking water inside the stadium. I am not sure if this is only for certain range of tickets. Inside the stadium we had a constant flow of authorized food vendors selling pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, ice creams, popcorns, soft drinks. So our earlier apprehension of what to carry as food was settled as all of us enjoyed the food. Dominos is the official Pizza partner for the stadium and they served hot pizzas which were a delight to eat in the surroundings. You get variety of VEG and NON VEG food inside.

    You will be guided to your seat by a smartly dressed staff member of bookmyshow. Once you get a hang of the surroundings you will realize that  the entire ground just looks awesome . The lights, the crowd, the DJ and then the players!! The atmosphere is really electrifying and a completely different experience from what you see on TV – Setmax official IPL channel.

    The Live Match Experience  of IPL – Pune Warriors Vs Chennai SuperKings

    Click here to watch the video
    Though we started 2 hours before the match we just managed to reach a few minutes before the toss. It was a pleasure to watch the world famous 2 Indian Captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni and legendary DADA – Sourav Ganguly. Chennai won the toss and elected to bat against the strong last match score of 200+ . The stadium was packed with enthusiastic crowd and the live DJ kept the crowd busy. We were in for a surprise when we realized that on our seats PWI team had provided a HUGE numbers of PWI flags to wave and a gift to carry it back home as a memory of the experience. So all of a sudden the entire stadium started looking blue in the new PWI colors with everyone waving the flags given to them as a gift !! The cheering was ON right from the first ball and continued through out the innings . The crowd cheered every boundary, sixer and wickets and when a fielder came near the boundary the crowd erupted in support and cheering. The cameras kept the crowd busy and waving and everyone wished that their faces would be flashed on live TV for their friends and family. The suspended overhead camera was a perfect piece of technology that captured on field as well as stadium happenings. After restricting the last year winners CSK to 150+, PWI looked dominating and ready to reach the target. The team played well and finally emerged winners in a thrilling win against the CSK.

    Facilities in the Subroto Sahara PWI stadium

    Except for the horrible parking arrangements, the facilities inside the stadium were just awesome. clod drinking water, good food, clean toilets and well maintained , nice chairs, excellent sign-ages , nice sound system, friendly staff and security. This ensured a very happy experience for the spectators and I am sure the VIP treatment would be well cherished by all the cricket fans and cricket lovers.

    Once the match was over by 11.30 PM it took almost 45 minutes for us to walk all the way back to the car park. The parking lot was full all with a single road for everyone to walk to the parking as well as for cars to go out the entire road was blocked and we were sitting in the car for almost 1 hour before we could actually take an exit from the stadium to the road. We had carried sandwiches and soft drinks so we had a late night dinner in the car. We reached the road well past 1 PM and were surprised to see all the hotels packed on the road with hungry cricket fans. So plan about your dinner well in advance and be prepared for a very very late night outing before you reach home.

    But overall a great experience and we had an awesome outing for the family. So yes IPL is a great family outing opportunity and everyone should experience this in the stadium. We are already planning for the next match and looking out for tickets on bookmyshow.

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    16 responses to “Gahunje Stadium IPL live match experience and review in Pune”

    1. Thanks Dimakh for sharing ur experience … Definitely luv to go after reading it.

    2. Hey Dimakh, Many thanks for this blog.. I am considering going for one of the matches and your suggestion will be extremely useful..

    3. Hi All
      I have been there to watch Pune – Chennai Match on 14 April 2012, Facilities inside the Stadium are Very Good but Parking takes lot of time to go in as well as out..

      when first innigs over we came out for water and there was too much of rash, someone PICKED MY POCKED not only me there was so many person who have faced this problem Volet, mobile have stolen, and there was so many Police men but not ready to coprate and listen, fortunatly i got my volet back with missing cash, thank got i got my all important documents back, So please be consius about your valuable things specially when you go for water….


    4. Hi Dimakh,
      thank you for sharing your experience. Its is very helpful.


    5. Hey is there any type of handy cam or Digicam will be allow inside the stadium? please tell me

    6. plz tel me if m allowd to take camera!!!
      u dint mention anythng

    7. I am not sure if camera is allowed. I used my iPhone camera and could do a very nice shoot. Took nice pictures and videos. Dimakh

    8. Very informative!! thanks Dimakh.

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    10. Hey Dimakh, thanks a lot man…vry nice article…

    11. Hi Dimakh,

      Nicely put!! It helped me a lot when I went for Pune – Deccan match on 26th April. I had planned as per your suggestions and it turned out to be a good experience.

      Great work!!

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    13. i will be going for the match on 19th may. u have mentioned in one of your comments that u carried your iphone with u. it’s mentioned in the FAQs that we r not supposed to carry mobiles.
      Pls throw some light on it. Are mobile phones allowed at the stadium???

    14. hey, nice account!
      i am going for the match on tue 22 may; i stay in dadar, mumbai…do you have any idea about the travel facilities for mumbai ppl?

    15. Yes mobile phones are allowed in the stadium and i also did a video shoot during the match.

    16. Yes.. for those who are coming from Mumbai – you will have to cross the stadium on your left side and come all the way to the Pune exit. Then come to the bypass road and you will see instructions to take a U TURN and go back to the stadium road.

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