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  • Graphic Designers Need Free Fonts

    Posted on September 22nd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Graphical design is basically a creative process which generally involves a designer who takes up a project from a customer, making a work which conveys a particular message to a target audience. Graphic design thus relies heavily on the visible media for expression and display. The different elements which are used to form this needed effect while making sure that the specified message is conveyed are words, symbols and occasionally even pictures. In addition to this, a graphical designer could also choose to employ typography, visible humanities and page layout methodologies to make and manipulate finer effects.
    Some of the commonest areas of work of graphic designers are sites, trademark development or branding, publication such as magazines or newspapers, product packaging and advertisements.

    Essentially, the main objective of a graphics designer is to be sure that the product that is created is unique and can be simply identified and separated from other identical products. As an example, a product package might include organised text, design, pure design elements like geometrical shapes or a trademark help to identify the product uniquely and set it apart from similar products around on the market.

    Since the first objective of a graphic designer is to get the message of the client across to the target audience, it’s essential that they opt to use means are both appealing and understandable to the audience. Choosing flashy fonts which are exclusive may not be a sensible choice because, though they are unique and familiar, they won’t be supported by different browsers and could have compatibility issues making the entire text and content pointless to the individual that hasn’t got the actual font installed. However there are specific preinstalled free fonts on all machines, the usage of which would guarantee readability among the widest audience.


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