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  • Article Syndication Strategy Styles For Online Success

    Posted on August 8th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    If you are a webmaster, then you probably heard about article marketing strategy. Although it’s not a subject as familiar as it should be, writing search engine optimized articles is not so difficult to learn. In fact, learning SEO techniques can be very easy, as long as you are aware that the visibility and recognition of your content truly matters on the Internet.

    Writing informative, original and relevant articles for search engines means quality market valuation. As you probably know, search engines are a main source of visitors for your content. As more SEO optimized an article is, as bigger are the changes to have more visitors and more visibility. Basically, by optimizing your articles for search engines, the number of visitors and potential customers increases. Besides the text, it’s important to associate your message to relevant visual images.

    “Content is king” and “Content is everything” express the content’s role as a major marketing tool. But what are the features of an effective online article?

    Keyword density; there is no magic formula for the optimal density of keywords. There are a few general rules that must be taken into consideration when you decide how many keywords your article needs. Use keywords in page titles, bold text, link maps, in order to get a higher and more relevant position in search engines. Keywords play a vital role in any process of optimization for search engines. The visitors will find you through keywords. Through searches in search engines, people are guided to your content. Take care of your keywords, which you have found by doing careful keyword research, and they will care of you.

    Keywords density can be expressed as the ratio between the most appropriated keywords for a website and the website’s content word count. The perfect keyword density is between 3%-5%.

    Quality content; the main target of implementing an effective article marketing strategy is to attracts an increasingly higher number of visitors and potential subscribers or customers. High quality content means visitors who return to our website, being impressed by certain ideas, products, goods or services.

    A simply and clear language; reading a text online is 25% more difficult than reading a printed text. Therefore, it’s better to avoid complex phrases and words. The article has to provide answers to potential visitors, without misleading them. Each paragraph should be limited to a certain message; this way, the visitors will take into account the main idea, even without reading the entire paragraph. It is recommended to write the conclusion in the first two sentences of the paragraph, in order to outline the main idea, followed by explanations and details.

    Relevant content; many people believe that by using a wide range of keywords and information that has nothing to do with the website’s main idea, their content will be indexed faster by search engines. Unfortunately, things are not quite so. It’s vital to provide relevant content to achieve a higher rank in search engines. Any other indirectly related details are useless.

    Only a few webmasters succeed to meet all the requirements of article writing and web design. A comprehensive article has become a major marketing tool, determining the usability, appearance and visibility of a website in search engines, having a major impact on the business promoted.


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