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  • Exactly What Is Web Traffic?

    Posted on August 7th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    A similar thing comes about together with your site because you could have a great product but no sales. Why? Because no-one knows it exists and there is no road for that people to arrive at your store or internet site. Hence your internet site is virtually lost on the internet with countless other internet sites. Any buy site traffic you get is sort of a lost person stumbling upon your ice cream store within the desert. With a store in the shopping centre not just have you got passing traffic you are able to attract however, you may also have signs to your shop or if all else fails wave a red flag. You may also do that with great graphics but they’re not seen until someone actually click on your URL or perhaps the link of one’s site. So that you have no visible method of attracting traffic to your web site.

    This is how search engines like google and their spiders may come for your cry for help. Spiders. Is it not merely beings that crawl around at nighttime, scare you and even worse may bite you. Maybe this is where the term bitten by the internet bug originates from. Just what exactly are these spiders? Now Google will not let you know a lot of as everything is top secret and i’m sure they do not want us to know they exist. My comprehension of them is they are actually a script or code that spreads itself though the web trying to find content to list out when someone pursuit of a specific word or phase called keywords. However these spiders only want to venture in familiar territory so that they need some encouraging to buy web site traffic. They are for your web sites with traffic and highest rank and list them first together with your internet site lost somewhere down along with the rest with the unknown internet sites as well as in some case by no means. If you don’t want headache then just buy targeted traffic.


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