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  • Adwords Tricks and Tips

    Posted on August 3rd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Pay Per Click Search Engine Management can offer you a trivial drip like a leaky tap. Or not. Occasionally, it’s the small things which make the difference. I need to show you one tiny trick you can use that may make a serious difference in the value of your PPC advertising. In fact I can show how it is easy for you to use the *same* keywords and get much more traffic than the general public. The trick I’m going to show you here works alongside Google AdWords, but it may not work with each pay per click search site. My ad will only appear for folk who search for my phrase precisely.

    So it will not appear if someone searches for phrases like : health food recipes vegetarian health food. According to Google’s estimate, my ad would be ( about ) eight in the list of all AdWord advertisements for that phrase. And I’d receive roughly 2.1 clicks on my ad every day ( approximately ). You can see that there are some important variations in the amount of traffic I would get from each one of these different bids. In this example, I may do best by bidding on “health food”. So my ad would show up if somebody searched for any of the following phrases : health food food that’s good for your wellbeing food that is bad for your wellbeing You can see that I may not need my ad to appear for all those searches. A few of them will not be applicable .

    According to Google’s estimate, my ad would be ( roughly ) 8.8 in the list of all AdWord adverts for that phrase. And I would receive approximately 9.1 clicks on my ad each day ( roughly ). But there are a few of options I am in a position to use when I place my bid on those keywords. This is perhaps because a lot less folks search for health food without any other words. So when you set up your next AdWords campaign ( or when you test your present campaigns ), you check which of these strategies will get you the most clicks for some of your more favored keyphrases.


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