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  • Maximizing Your Search Engine Optimization Time

    Posted on July 22nd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Search engine optimizing your web site is time consuming, its tedious, its boring, and it leads to massive amounts of procrastination. Unfortunately if we want our websites to rank well we need to work on our seo each and every month. We may even already be ranking well in the search engines, but if we don’t continue to build links somebody else out there will take our place. Having good time management skills and a solid game plan can help us continue to build links even when we don’t necessarily want to. This article will go over some of the day to day steps you can take to keep your pageranking increasing each month.


    The first thing you must do is invest a bit of time creating a plan that firmly states all your goals and objectives. Time management expert Brian Tracy says in his book “Eat That Frog” that “10 minutes of planning can save you several hours of time a day”. Plan on investing ten minutes each morning planning out your seo activities for the day. During this planning session write down what you want to achieve and prioritize them from highest value activities to lowest value activities.


    Ensure that you always do the activities that have the highest value at the start of your work session. Many people tend to do the fun or easy task first because they think, “well let me just knock the easy stuff out first to get me started”. This will only lead to you crossing off a bunch of stuff and feeling like you’ve done something when you really haven’t accomplished much. Your critical tasks each day should consist of creating keyword optimized web pages and creating external links back to your site.


    If you cannot do these tasks yourself, feel free to outsource them to a company with a good search engine optimization package. Ensure that if you do hire somebody to do your seo work for you that you do it quickly. Spending days and days “looking into” a company to work with really isn’t accomplishing anything. Working with more than one company at a time can give you a head start in choosing the best company for your needs.


    The next best thing you can do to increase your seo time management skills is to get better at seo. When you can do tasks twice as fast, you gain half your time back. For instance, if you increase your article writing skills to the point that you can do an article in 30 minutes rather than an hour, you now have an extra 30 minutes to either work more or spend more time doing the things you love to do.


    Ways to increase your skills include: reading books, watching seminars, listening to audio programs, repetition of key skills, and working with professional search engine optimization companies. Increase your skills and your speed and you will have more money and more time.


    Thank you for reading this article on search engine optimization and time management. If you enjoyed reading this article, please book mark it and tell your friends about it.


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