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  • Search Engine Optimization And Keywords

    Posted on July 20th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Every web master knows that building a successful web site is all about using the right key words. There are many strategies to choosing key words. Some web masters decide to go after low traffic key words with low competition while others try to go after high traffic key words with high competition. There are even Internet marketers that go after mid range key words with average traffic numbers and average competition numbers. I created this page to talk more in depth about these key word targeting plans so that you can choose the best plan for your current situation. I’ll even go over a way to quickly build links without doing any work.


    The first method we need to talk about is the low competition low traffic key word targeting strategy. You’ll only have to create a site with between five or ten high quality pages with this plan. The key word will be easy to rank for because there will not be many competitors. The beauty of this plan is that you needn’t invest much effort into your link building campaigns. You can probably get away with some simple book marking for your link building campaign. This can even be done with a good website promotion company so you won’t have to build any of the links yourself.


    One drawback to this method is that you will never get large amounts of traffic from this type of website. As a result, the amount of money you can make from this site is very limited. You’ll find that your income will peak in only a few short months.


    Next, we’ll talk about the middle of the road key word targeting plan. This entails choosing key words that have a decent amount of traffic and a decent amount of competition. They will not be easy to rank for, but they will not be too difficult either. A well thought out linking campaign will get you rankings within a few months and your traffic will bring you more visitors than the first method discussed.


    Lastly we’ll go over the heavy traffic and heavy competition key word intense web site. This site usually requires the creation of hundreds of pages and thousands of links. It can be quite difficult to gain rankings on or near the first page for your main key words. You’ll be competing with large companies or authority sites that have many pages and links to them.


    Fortunately, once you do gain a good search engine ranking for your key word, you will have lots of traffic. Also you’ll be able to get lots of long tail key word traffic due to the high number of pages you must create. This strategy will yield very large profits. The only downside is that these profits may not come for a while because of all the work you will need to do first to achieve solid rankings.


    If you do not have the patience for link building you can always go to a search engine ranking services company to help you with this arduous task.


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