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  • Making The Right Kind of Link

    Posted on June 24th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    When creating your link building, you need to make certain it is the appropriate type of link. There are several types of links: One-way, two-way, three-way and the in depth four-way link.

    Probably the most important link to build is a one-way link. Google loves this kind of backlink because it believes that this shows your popularity. A one-way link seems like it gets absolutely nothing in return, for that reason just linking because of the value of the web site and generating your web site look great to the search engines.

    In reality, the catch is that, getting a one-way link is very challenging. Many web sites MAY want something back, whether its cash, another link from a various site, or some other services. The most effective method to develop this sort of link is to locate totally free directories or sites that accept articles or postings of links. Quite a few link development services post comments or forum posts making use of a link back to the site, making one-way links.

    Second kind of backlink will be the two-way which isn’t an effective strategy to build links. This type of linking used to get the job done a number of years ago, where you would create a link to a various website in the agreement that the other web site links to you, thus benefiting the two sites.

    The issue was that many websites began doing this and the search engines caught up to the rank manipulation technique. These days, you can forget these kinds of links. Out of this problem, three-way linking was born.

    Three-way linking is really a way to trick the search engines once again, in which you and a different site have an understanding. Basically what happens is, you link to a web site with the agreement that the website owner of that site will link to you with one of his other websites. This is effective when the linking happens in a straight order and by not linking back to a website that links to you. The only drawback is that one website will have no links out of this procedure, making that website a fairly weak website.

    The four-way linking is most effective pretty well at the moment. The search engines don’t have enough patience to look that far along with a four-way link can still be natural. Consider it as a square, with each corner as a website along with the lines becoming link building service. Provided that you do not link back to a web site and just keep linking to another one, the fourth site can link back to the first one and everyone will be happy. This is actually a strong method of linking, given that all 4 web sites get something out of it.


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