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  • Great Ideas On Cost Effective Online Marketing Tools.

    Posted on June 12th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Online marketing is essential for driving traffic towards your website.  Whether you are trying to gain clients, page rank, subscribers, customers, or general traffic – Marketing is an absolute necessity, and virtual assistants can make all the difference in your long term success.

    When searching the Web, you’ll come across lots of places where you can pick up essential marketing tools, such as email marketing software, back office website consoles – and if you look carefully, maybe even forum software too. But have you thought about the possibility, that even though you think you’re getting a really good deal – you might not be.

    Let’s go over your email marketing; you should have a subscription box and an efficient method for issuing your important newsletters, email campaigns and/or eCourses. You find a recommended and popular email system and sign up for the low fee of $15 a month for up to 500 emails. This is great – you’re on your way!

    Then you need a website where you can add your subscribe box. If your looking to do things right, you would also want several essential features such as a blog, a forum, web apps, and we can’t forget hosting – you’ll also find a great deal for this on the Web, for a minimal fee of just $14 a month. You add your subscribe box and you have your 2 systems up and running.

    But then you would like to sell your products online, so we throw in a shopping cart too. As this involves payment gateways, and checkouts, this could be slightly more pricey. So you find the best deal you can, at a modest $34 per month for the basic version, and of course when the capacity runs out and your business grows, this could leap up to $99 per month, but we’ll worry about that later, right?

    So, now we would like a member’s area. We want to offer excellent customer service, which means keeping our customers details secure and accessible, and as we don’t want the hassle of arranging it through a hosting company, we opt-in for another low cost option – essential SSL, the lowest cost around at $10 per month.  In addition to our customer service we would like to have a really great CRM (customer relationship management) system. So, we throw in another $10 a month.

    As any professional virtual assistant will tell you, these are such small amounts of money to part with, but they’re nevertheless essential for your marketing to run effectively. So, let’s see what freebie services we can add on… Analytics, and a Blog in addition to standard email. Let’s take a look and see our result.

    * Email marketing $15
    * Online business console $14
    * eCommerce $34
    * Additional extra’s $20
    * Total $83 per month minimum…

    Then consider, how much is your time worth? How practical is it to manage your online business in 7 different systems? Contact a virtual assistance service today to find out even more ways you can save money!

    So, at $83 a month for bare minimum basic fees – and several hours of your time, exactly how cost effective are your marketing tools?


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