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  • Are You Making These Mistakes When You Write Google AdWords Ads?

    Posted on June 3rd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Since the early 2000s, Adwords has been the premium destination for PPC advertisers who want to drive highly qualified and targeted traffic. Ok, fine… well, keep reading to discover how you really can write ad copy that will get the job done in an impressive manner.

    When writing your AdWords ad copy you need to be specific. It’s possible that some people want to save time, due to laziness, and think they can get away with using some kind of template; well, avoid that because it won’t work well. Each campaign has an audience that is differenct, and actually each ad group within the same campaign will need to talk about different specifics. That is the main reason for avoiding ads that are too general and similar to others. Want an example? Ok, a shirt company imports shirts and sells them; shirts of all kinds, colors, purposes, patterns, etc, etc. Well, what you will need to do is create unique ads for each keyword group, and the ads need to be specific. What is the best strategy to accomplish this task? Easy as pie, all you have to do is write an ad for each separate ad group. First, this is what Google wants you to do, and if you don’t then you will receive penalties in the form of a low quality score.

    The display URL is often ignored by some PPC advertisers, but that is a mistake because you can benefit from parts of it. It’s interesting because very many PPC advertisers do not take advantage of that fact. But did you know that it’s true about your display URL affecting click throughs? As long as the destination and main domain match, then you can have a little bit of room to play with. Ok, use your keywords for different destinations and use them as a directory or folder as a backslash.

    Remember that your ad’s formatting is necessary to create the right ad. You do not want to have a low click-through rate (CTR) just because you misspelled a word and people think you’re no good. Never allow this to happen because it’s easy to avoid, and it will only decrease your CTR’s. You can see mistakes with spelling, or punctuation, or capitalization, etc. Never try to be cute in your ad copy because people just don’t respond well to cute. Your headline is critical because it will determine if people want to read further. This is why it’s important to make sure that people searching and coming across your ad get a good first impression when they look at your ad copy. Always make the first letter of each headline word a capital letter, and the reason is that it works better at capturing attention.

    We hope you will take these ad copywriting tips and use them in your PPC campaigns. But all of this only scratches the surface, and there is much more to learn which is what we’ll always encourage you to do.

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