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  • Useful Tips On Keeping Up With the Newest News

    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    In business, you can’t operate in your own little world and you have to know what’s going on around you if you are to be relevant and successful. That’s why it’s critical that you keep up on the latest news that can affect you and your industry. But there are so many of those news sites around. Well, you’re in the right place. Instead of reading hundreds of newspapers, blogs, and other information sources, you can have the news delivered right to you and keep track of it all. Look at these five ways to make sure that you are always in tune with the news:

    Set up Google Alerts

    By now, you already know that Google pretty much controls the world in front of you on your computer. Tell them what you want to know about, and they’ll deliver the latest on the topic right to your email box. Set an alert for your competitor’s name to find out what he or she is up to. Get information on your most important keywords. And of course you’ll want to keep tabs on your own name! You can set the number of alerts as well as the delivery frequence, and all this is for free! Simply go to It’s possibly a great thought for you to speak to a new virtual assistant for support quickly


    This simply stands for “all the top stories.” The site, founded by former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, allows you to choose from hundreds of news sources to create your own custom “newspaper.” Check out what other people are reading, too, for free. Find out more at


    How many bookmarked pages do you have on your web browser? How many of those sites do you actually get back to ever again? Get rid of bookmark sprawl by looking at this new option. You use a special “read later” bookmark to keep track of information you want to save for later. Then log in on your iPhone, computer, or iPad and check it out when you have a minute. This is all for free. Find out more at

    Google Reader

    Google Reader is good for keeping in touch with all your favorite blogs. See when they’re updated, get the content delivered right to you, and consolidate all the updates in a single spot, for free. Easy-peasy! Find out more at It’s possibly a very good idea to get in touch with a new virtual assistant for help before too long.


    Their motto is “all you care about. Now.”Sounds good to me!~This sums it up well!} Create numerous dashboards so you can flip through and see what’s going on, according to project or interest. By specifying a topic you get a new dashboard with tweets, conversations, videos, information and pictures, infinitely customizable. Establish one for your finances, for those sporting results, for a special project, or even for one of your crazy hobbies! Whatever tickles your fancy, all for free. Go to It’s probably a very good notion for you to contact a new virtual assistant regarding support shortly

    One word of advice: Be careful not to become an information junkie. It is certainly advisable to keep up with newspapers, information in blogs and so on, but you need to restrict your intake. You can go into info overload, and reading can become a distraction and procrastination technique, particularly if you are the type who likes to research and research and research some more before taking action. You shouldn’t need more than 30 minutes, maybe once or even twice a day to keep up with all of this and make sure you are in touch. Once this time is up, make sure to stop and do some work. That’s where the money is – in action, not in information acquisition.


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