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  • Adwords Mistakes that You Can’t Afford to Make

    Posted on May 7th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    You can get great results with Google AdWords, but it can be tricky for beginners. It’s not uncommon for new AdWords advertisers to make mistakes when starting their campaign. Given below are a few simple mistakes that you should to stay away from.

    A simple mistake made by new AdWords advertisers is that they don’t focus on doing proper market research. It’s absolutely essential to be very knowledgeable about your market before your AdWords campaign is planned. When you have a clear idea about your competition, you know what to expect and also what steps to take to make sure you’re not going wrong. It also gives you an understanding of high traffic keywords and how you should be bidding for them and what’s the actual bid price.

    Getting successful with AdWords requires you to imbibe various elements, but knowing what keywords to target is important because it will either make or break your campaign. There are many high quality keyword tools available in the market that can help you with your research. The more carefully you do your market research, the more you’ve paved the way for a smooth and successful Adwords campaign.

    A lot of advertisers complain that AdWords is not their cup of tea because of the losses they are incurring. They end up quitting before they ever learned much about it. What could they do to have gotten better results?

    Many advertisers run into trouble because they don’t track their keywords. The two factors that are most crucial to the success of your campaigns are tracking your keywords and the proper use of landing pages. When you’re not tracking your keywords, you’re losing the opportunity to know what keywords are converting and which ones are making you lose money. But when you do have this knowledge, you can easily weed out the under-performing keywords and stick to the profitable ones. This knowledge can be valuable for other campaigns as well, since you now know about the converting ability of various keywords. You can’t afford to neglect tracking, as this is fundamental to an effective campaign.

    Make sure you don’t attempt to ramp up your campaign too soon. Once new Adwords advertisers see a little profit come in they often make this mistake. Think through the consequences before you attempt to go too big. Usually this is due to determining their decisions on theories instead of watching the markets and using those numbers to help them. Assuming that they are making tons of money they focus their attention on the numbers of visitors and not the quality of visitors. At the end of the day though there are fewer conversions. You are paying for the traffic that is coming in, so you need to ensure that these become leads or sales. It is better than to start small, generate quality traffic and ramp up your campaign once you are seeing better conversions. This is probably the most proven way to boost your profits when advertising with AdWords.

    The above mistakes, then, can get in the way of successful AdWords campaigns, but once you know about them you can start to move in a more productive direction.

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