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  • Do You Need To Hire A Web Design Company?

    Posted on April 6th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    The Internet is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. It is connecting the world, changing the way we do business, and even changing the way we get educated. Broadband and Wifi are becoming more widely available at a cheaper price. Even smartphone’s today allow you to have full access to the Internet. The Internet is not going to disappear overnight. It has become too ingrained into our everyday lives. So as you decide to get some of your own virtual real estate, there are points that you need to consider before hiring a web design company.

    How do they plan on developing your website? – When developing anything online you need to think of it as a building. You need to have multiple doors leading into the building, you need hallways, stairs, etc. to lead the traffic, and you need rooms that were created with a specific purpose in mind. To put it in simple terms, you will have to have a blueprint and do some planning before you decide to build a building. Trying to throw together a website without any advanced planning will only lead to a sub-par final product. Just like buildings are built off of a blueprint, your website needs to be built off of a plan.

    How do you plan a site that is engaging and the visitors can interact with? – Today, when people browse online, they expect a certain level of quality. No longer can you have a plain, boring site that does not really engage the audience at all. People have very low attention spans when it comes to Internet. If your site does not grab their attention within the first three seconds, then chances are they won’t be staying on it for much longer. Finding a web designer who knows how to engage the audience and make the site interactive is a very positive attribute. Incorporating things such as polls, discussion boards/message boards, videos, etc. can make the difference between a spectacular site and an average one. Getting the traffic to interact with the website is something that the web designer should be able to deliver.

    How much experience do you have building websites? – There is nothing wrong with startup companies, but if you are going to investing your money into a website then you want to be sure that the company knows what they are doing. Do they have any formal education? How long have they been building websites? What are their past clients saying about them? All of those questions can help you determine the talent level of the company that may be working for you.

    How much is your upfront price? – Finding a web design company that fits within the culture you are trying to promote is only half the battle. Yes all the points covered previously are important. You want to find a web design company that knows how to lay down a blueprint and work from it. You want to find a web design company that knows how to keep your audience interested and engaged. You want to find a web design company that has a lot of experience building websites. But all of that is futile if you can’t afford their service. A good web design company is one that can deliver quality work at an affordable price.

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