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  • What payback will a search engine optimisation business provide

    Posted on February 20th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Search Engine Placement is fundamental for a company who wants to grow it’s online sales. The idea being that if a customer does not know that you as a business and service provider exists he needs to search for you via a keyword or phrase. That search should ideally bring the customer and business together and result in a sale. Every business has competitors and this competition is compounded on the internet as location does not limit it. So repeatedly a business will find that as it does not appear at the top of search engine ranking results, it sees none of the thousands or millions of customers . They are simply gathered by the competition sitting higher up the ranking .The role of the Search Engine Optimization Company is therefore to ensure that the customers website is listed on page 1 of the search engine results for the relevant keywords. This in turn makes sure that the organisation is visible to all those customers and provided the website then does it’s job marketing the actual product or service, the business benefits.

    This is not as clear cut as it may seem. Firstly the SEO Company and the business have to agree what the appropriate keywords are. Often the business has specific ideas what these should be but when the research is done  there are frequently some differences in the way the bulk of customers search for a product and the way the company describes it. The research will emphasise this and result in the best possible keywords and phrases being selected.

    The website can then be adapted to take into account these new keywords, fitting them into text where possible and also into the coding of the website, again the SEO Company will work with the company and in this case even the web designer to achieve an optimized site. Some of this work may have been completed initially by the web designer but if the correct keywords and phrases were not chosen then the correct searchers will not be drawn to the site.

    Online Marketing is then conducted on behalf of the business, working explicitly with the keywords or phrases chosen . This final stage of the package eventually ensures a page 1 listing for all the keywords and phrases selected and that in turn should see visitor numbers to the site increase massively . This is not a quick fix to increasing your internet traffic , but it is ethical, it will send customers interested in your products or services to your website and will increase your sales without coning anyone concerned.  



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