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  • How To Unleash The Adwords Ads Copywriting Greatness Within

    Posted on February 11th, 2011 seolinkvine No comments

    Your ad copy for your Adwords ads is one of those elements that can and will make all the difference with your success. If you can write great ad copy, then the rest is really very easy and you should do well. Let’s move forward into discussion of a few ad copy tips that will improve your response rates if you learn them well.

    In order to make your ads a success, you need to have a strong call to action in them. You’ll always see some ads that don’t make use of it; too bad for them, though. When you have a good call to action in place, you’ll receive higher number of clicks and makes your campaign stronger, making it even more effective. Always let the reader know what’s in it for him, or her, and you do that by giving out a clear benefit of your product/service. Advertising and business is selfish in the sense that the customer/reader/prospect does not care one single wit about you. Your benefits offered in your ad are your only means to convince someone to give you their precious time. Relevancy is huge with PPC, and all advertising, so never give the reader any surprises after the click through. If the reader gets to your site, or landing page, and there’s something unrelated; then all your work will be in vain. Each product, or service, always has one or two strong benefits, and that is what you must include in your ads. Doing this is just advertising basics, and if you study how to write effective classified ads, then you will learn how to do this. Including benefits in all your advertising is basic because everyone buys for emotional wants and not for logical reasons. If you are able to do this, then bringing out your USP isn’t that difficult. An effective ad makes use of getting attention with the headline, and then you can quickly state a problem and the benefit is the solution. Your ad must also serve the purpose of making people feel that only you can do what no one else can. How well your ad performs depends on the connection you make with the reader.

    Your results can change overnight just by putting a clear and strong benefit in your ad copy. Not sure? Make a list of benefits, and also make sure they are not features, and then choose a small number of the best ones to test in ads. Your market will vote with their mouse if you offer them a benefit they want and relate to. If you are not sure about features/benefits, don’t feel bad because a lot of people get that one wrong – so you need to do some research to discover the difference. Ok?

    Even though you just read our Adwords ad copy tips, don’t let the information just rot in your brain – use it and do something with it. It will take some time and practice before you actually start writing good ad copy, but eventually you’ll realize the worth of developing the skill and how it can help you get more sales.

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