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  • IT Business people – Narayan Murthy and Bill Gates

    Posted on July 6th, 2008 Dimakh No comments

    I was just thinking about the unwritten category on our blog of PEOPLE and to start off who else can we have other than the two icons of Narayan Murthy and Bill Gates.

    Fortunately a few days back I got a chance to meet with the man himself Mr.Narayan Murthy. He is so simple and down to earth to speak with, that it took me a few minutes to realise that I am really talking to the man who has reached a position in the IT industry where every IT entrepreneur can dream off. He gave valuable inputs for an entrepreneur like me about business and global scenario. He spoke about his schedule and how he spends a week in India in different Infosys offices, 1 week in the US and 1 week in Asian and other countries.
    He was in pune to receive the 2008 Life Time Achievement Award given by Pune Vyaspeeth and in his speech after accepting the award he narrated his nostalgic memories of the past and his strong connection with pune. It was an amazing experience to listen to him when he told about his courtship days with sudha murthy and how he used to wait outside mahila niwas and then go to poona cafe on JM Road in pune and darshan hotel on prabhat road in pune before proceeding to east street pune to have a chinese dinner at Rs.9 only.
    As a concluding remark his humble acceptance speech ended when he politely assured the audience and the organizing committee that he was very happy to receive this reward and that he will work hard to keep up to every ones expectations. This was an amazing gesture where a person with such an authority politely says that he will work harder even after retiring and handing over the reigns of infosys to others. This shows the commitment and values a person has to have to reach this position.

    This reminds me of another event that happened recently where a chapter in IT industry came to an end when Bill Gates stepped down from his position at Microsoft. I never got a chance to meet him so don’t have any personal experience to write about him :) . But will try and put something together.


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